Developmental Milestones

An increasing number of children are spending most of their day in early childhood programs so parents can work or go to school.
These early years are critical to your child’s development. 

High-quality early care and education are geared to give your child a jumpstart to learning. Standards are in place to prepare your child for success in school and in life.

Quality early childhood programs not only help your child’s brain develop in a timely fashion, they also contribute to physical, emotional and social development. Along with school readiness, it is also important to look for key developmental milestones in your children.

Here’s a quick look at A FEW developmental milestones for 2-, 3- and 4-year-olds:

Walk alone, jump, run
Tell stories with two or three sentences
Know first and last name
Kick a ball
Can name a friend
Copy a cross
Scribble with crayons
Throw a ball overhand
Eat by themselves
Imitate others
Copy a circle
Sing a song from memory


High-quality early childhood programs recognize the importance of providing an environment that teaches and nurtures children to learn these milestones and meet standards of learning.

To learn more about early childhood development, watch this video: