What are the Standards for Quality?

The Early Learning and Development Standards were created to be a framework for high-quality, developmentally appropriate early childhood programs and were designed to be used by early childhood educators throughout Louisiana. The term early childhood educator describes those responsible for the care and education of children from 0-5.

These standards:

     1) Describe what all children from birth to kindergarten should know and be able to do and their attitude about learning;

     2) Are appropriate for each age group and for English language learners and children with disabilities and/or developmental delays;

     3) Cover all Domains of School Readiness Research has consistently shown that there is a strong link between the quality of early childhood experiences and later school success.

To learn more about the standards, visit:

Early Childhood Standards

Louisiana’s Early Childhood Quality Rating System

Louisiana’s Early Childhood Quality Rating System is based on Early Childhood Performance Profiles. These profiles provide information on measures of quality including:

  • Teacher-child interaction as measured using the Teachstone CLASS teacher assessment system for Pre-K and Toddler classrooms
  • Use of quality curriculum
  • Assessment of children’s learning and development
  • Teacher child ratios
  • Teacher certification

All Early Childhood sites within the OPENetwork participate in Louisiana’s Early Childhood Quality Rating System and have an Early Childhood Performance Profile. This includes, School system Pre-K programs, LA4, NESCD, Pre-K Expansion, Child Care, Head Start and Early Head Start. To learn more watch the following video: Understanding Early Childhood Performance Profiles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTRlKZvITew&feature=youtu.be